EVIX strengthens its shareholding with the entry of AMURA GESTIÓN EMPRESARIAL as a strategic partner.

EVIX has closed a new investment round completed entirely by the Family Office "AMURA GESTIÓN EMPRESARIAL", to finance a functional prototype development.

EVIX, based at the Tecnocampus in Mataró (Barcelona), is a startup specialized in airbag technology integrated into helmets, applicable to multiple sectors, aiming to reduce the impact of accidents on the cervical / spinal cord.

AMURA GESTIÓN EMPRESARIAL (AMURA hereinafter) joins EVIX as a strategic partner to give the necessary support to a project called to revolutionize the road safety industry.

AMURA’s contribution not only positions it as the main EVIX’s partner, but it will also play a fundamental role in terms of development and viability of the business plan given the extensive experience of its promoters.

The EVIX team is made up of Marc Millet (CEO), Nil Oleaga (COO) and Lucas Llobet (CTO). It is a young and multidisciplinary team – with studies in law, physical activity sciences and engineering, which was joined a few months ago by the specialist in marketing and sports sponsorship Cinto Ajram through the entry into the capital of CA Sports Marketing . Now, EVIX will also have the support of AMURA: “Investor confidence is key for the project and the team. This economic and business boost will help us to create a competent and tailored product for our customers. Investors bring us capital; but also provide us with added value given their experience and professionalism ”, emphasizes Marc Millet.

EVIX considers that there is much work to be done in terms of road safety, given the thousands of accidents and spinal cord injuries that are registered each year in Spain and throughout Europe. Therefore, EVIX’s mission is to defend and promote sustainable, healthy and safe road safety.

EVIX’s first product is a cervical airbag system that is integrated into helmets. How does EVIX work? The system detects that an accident is happening and, just before the injurious movement, an airbag that protects the user’s neck inflates to reduce the chances of suffering a cervical and / or spinal injury.

Initially, the product will be available for cyclists, but, in the future, EVIX technology will be extrapolated to other sectors that require the use of a helmet: scooters, snow sports, motorcycles and professional height work, among others.

In addition, the system will have a mobile app with functionalities focused on increasing user safety, such as, for example, an SMS with a GPS location to a preset number in case of an airbag activation.

From AMURA they highlight: “We love being able to participate in a well-defined project with a clear vocation to improve road safety. We are talking about the possibility of mitigating a huge risk, only in Spain there are half a million bicycle accidents a year, with a 20% probability of suffering a cervical or spinal cord injury. The EVIX helmet-integrated airbag system, together with the rest of the functionalities focused on increasing safety, is emerging as a good solution to this problem ”.

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