Nowadays it is very common to have friends or family who practice some endurance sport. The number of users of this type of sports has increased considerably in recent the years.

This boom in endurance sports has led the most innovative companies to develop unique devices that offer athletes an amazing experience during exercise.

Today we bring you the products that are going to revolutionize the market and the practice of the following sports: cycling, running, swimming and mountaineering.


EVIX® is a start-up located in Barcelona founded by three sports lovers: Marc, Nil and Lucas. Passion for sports and technology runs through his veins, so there was no other purpose than to unify both territories by developing technology that will significantly reduce cervical injuries in case of an accident on a bicycle, skateboard or other similar transport.

EVIX® was born not only as a safety system integrated into the helmet, but with the aim of becoming an agent of change for the awareness of citizens, entities and authorities towards road safety, working in 4 areas:

● Product (EVIX® System)

● Legislation

● Citizen awareness

● Other innovative solutions that other players can provide

EVIX® wants to be part of the solution by providing its revolutionary technology, therefore, we explain you how it works:

How does EVIX® work?

Nil, Marc and Lucas have developed an airbag system integrated into the back of the helmet that, in the event of an accident, inflates in a matter of milliseconds when it detects an impact through its sensors, thus protecting the rider’s cervical spine.

To lead the change in the road safety ecosystem, EVIX® is working on involving the best possible partners and, together with CA Sports Marketing, have launched a signature collection campaign to demonstrate that there is a real need on the part of the society and thus change, together, the rules of the game for a safer environment.

You can join their cause from this link.

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In this case we have STRYD Running With Power, who use their technology to learn and capture the skills of the runner. The product only weighs 8 grams, so you will not realize that you are wearing it attached to your shoe.

This little device bases your run taking into account your speed, incline, running form, fatigue and time, to deliver a perfect, precise and painless pace. It also offers the possibility of connecting to sports watches, which are wearables that the vast majority of runners carry with them today.


The AIRhub is the world’s first and only road endurance training system. It consists of a precision electromagnetic braking system. It is contained within a hub that fits on your front forks, just like a normal bicycle wheel.

Through the free app they have created, you can have complete control of the AIRhub. Train alone or in a group and get the exact training you need. It allows you to add your preferred number of watts or use real-time metabolic feedback. It’s precision training like you’ve never seen it before.

SWIMMING – Swimtraxx 

Swimtraxx is a specific swim tracker, which records tons of data that is translated into valuable information in real time in the free application that you can install on your iPad or mobile phone.

Track all your workouts efficiently without having to collect the data yourself. Get your heart rate, spin times, stroke count, lap times, and breath count. This will give you more time to focus on other aspects. In addition, the design is previously tested so that it is as comfortable as possible and does not disturb you while swimming.


Bivy Stick is the smallest and simplest communication device in the world. A very easy device to carry around and even easier to use. It works with a credit system that you can exchange for shares of the Bivy Stick. 1 credit = 1 message, 1 shared location, 1 weather report, or 1 hour of tracking. However, the preset log messages are unlimited and free. Also, if you use all your credits and are out of service, the device will continue to work fine and you will be charged $ 0.50 for each additional credit used.


Nutritape is based on a transdermal technology, developed in the USA. It is the first patch that contains BCAAs and Vitamins B1 and B5 that nourishes your muscles and accelerates your recovery through its micropores. In this way, you can free your stomach avoiding gastrointestinal complications during physical exercise. The duration of this patch is about 20 hours so that in addition to helping you during exercise, it also helps you to recover from it.

As you will have verified there are different technological products with the aim of improving the experience in endurance sports. From Esportter they offer innovative solutions for endurance sports. Through technology, they drive the evolution of each one of them. Join the digital transformation!

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