The EVIX team has been fortunate to keep up working during this period of health alarm, and so we have achieved...

The first prototype!

For a tech and product development startup like EVIX, it is very important to achieve milestones along the way. With this first prototype, the idea is to bring the concept from paper to reality, see how it looks, with an approach to the final product trying to imagine it as much real as possible in our hands. In addition, it allows us to keep up validating the solution with costumers, brands, doctors … to create a single and user-focused product that will use it, an essential aspect that is often forgotten in product development.

It is far from the final EVIX system, since it will be completely integrated into the helmet, but these are the first tests to analyze the volume, distribution and components’ fit. Besides, EVIX is not a helmet manufacturer, so the final model will be on each client decision, the brands.

With this basic prototype, we will continue developing, adapting, learning and improving to achieve an integrated, effective and safer final product that does not interfere with such relevant factors as weight, aesthetics or usability.

What do you think?

If you are a sports lover, believe in technology and security, contact us!

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