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If you are looking for an applied and experimental #electronics project that fills you and want to be part of a new #approach to #roadsafety, we are looking for you!

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How it works

EVIX technology consists of a cervical airbag mechanism perfectly integrated into the back of the helmet. Through an artificial intelligence system, the airbag inflates in a matter of milliseconds when it detects an accident, protecting the cervical area before the impact or harmful movement. It is a user-friendly design, so that the user does not have to do anything different from what he normally does, since the system is activated by simply fastening the helmet.


First helmet-integrated airbag system on the market.


It will protect your cervical spine before the injurious movement.


You can use it in many helmets for several activities.


It’s in the helmet itself, with no interferences in aesthetics nor commodity.


App with multiple features, such as an SOS message in case of an accident and more.

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We aim to lead the change towards a new sustainable, healthy and safe mobility model, through the awareness of citizens, entities, authorities and technological innovation.

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